American Guinea Hogs

One of America's best rare small heritage breeds.

American Guinea Hog piglet

Waverly Farms is Animal Welfare Approved for our kind and humane treatment of these lovely creatures. This means that we give them good housing, good forage, soy-free organic feed and garden scraps; they live a thoroughly happy life from birth to death.

American Guinea Hogs were one of the best all-around hogs on early American homesteads because they are friendly, manageable and delicious. They are efficient foragers. They lost favor with big pork producers who mostly select breeds that grow to 700-1,000lbs each. As a result, the American Guinea Hog is now listed with the Livestock Conservancy as a rare and endangered heritage breed who must be raised by small farms for this pork to be saved. 

If you are not familiar with well-raised pork, you are missing out on an essential culinary experience. You will taste a huge difference AND feel good about eating pork.

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