Goats and Sheep

We raise Savanna and Spanish goats, two of the hardiest, most self-sufficient breeds in the industry.  

Our goats are raised on 100 acres of forage, including pasture, so they must remain parasite resistant.  When they are not, we remove them from breeding stock and sell them as castrated pets or meat.  To avoid the parasite problems, we submit regular fecal samples to the lab for analysis and look at eyes at least monthly.  We are FAMACHA certified and apply the principles of this approach to our treatment of goats. We supplement them with certified soy-free organic grain and free choice minerals. 

And, it works!  Our goats have never been healthier or more productive.  In our last Spanish kidding, we had 3 sets of quadruplets and 10 sets of twins - no singles!    

Good records are kept on all goats, their lineage, birthweights and dates, treatments given, observations and other information that will be helpful to us and you in selecting top breeding quality.  Goats who do not qualify as top breeding quality are sold for meat or wethered for sale as pets.

The all-white Savanna goats are rare, in great demand, and and meatier than Spanish goats.  Spanish goats are tough as nails with long legs and bodies.  Our Spanish/Savanna "crosses" enjoy incredibly high birthweights of up to 11.5lbs and the best qualities of both breeds.  At $500, they are also an affordable alternative to the Savanna, which can cost $1,000 - $1,500 each.  Spanish goats range in price from $200 for meat or pet quality, to $300 - $400 for does and $400-$500 for proven bucks.

We keep alot of bucks so they can graze as a herd and so we can see them develop and test them for performance and efficiency.  Some are sold between 6 - 18 months for meat.  Others qualify for top breeding stock.  

To see pictures of our goats, go to Our Does, Does for Sale, Our Bucks, Bucks for Sale, and 2013 Kids for Sale.  For more information, please Contact Us to schedule a Visit to our farm.