Cheese and Honey

Fresh, pure ingredients



Our own Burkeville Bees honey is amber in color with a rich flavor and undertones of peach and blackberry.  We are careful to provide a safe, chemical-free environment for our honey bees.  Our hives are placed to take advantage of Waverly Farms' natural resources. Several hives were installed along the edges of a hardwood forest that rolls down to Mallory's Creek, and others we installed above the pond for an abundance of fresh water for the bees.  

We also offer a darker honey from our partner Hungry Hill whose bees are located primarily in the mountainous Nelson County, VA. Like our honey, Hungry hill offers raw, unfiltered, unpastuerized fresh honey. Waverly Farms and Hungry hill add nothing to adulterate the brilliant and tasty work of our bees. 

To have our raw honey shipped directly to you, order online at our Farm Store


Goats-R-Us Goat Cheese

We also offer Goats-R-Us goat cheese for sale. Our neighbors John and Robin Dodson have been making cheese for 25 years and it is without a doubt the freshest, best tasting cheese in Virginia.  Waverly Farms provides the buck to their milking does.

Goats-R-Us cheese is made within hours of your pick-up or delivery and will remain fresh in your refrigerator for about 3 weeks; even longer if you freeze it.  If you do freeze it be sure to thaw it in the refrigerator so that the milk does not separate.