American Guinea Hogs


American Guinea Hogs are supported by the Americal Livestock Breeds Conservancy as an important American breed in short supply and worth saving.  They are known for their delicious meat and exceptional lard.  I bought these wonderful creatures after tasting their sausage and bacon on two different occasions.  American Guinea Hogs only get to about 250 lbs maximum size, so they are very manageable for homesteads and hobby farmers. 

If you love pigs... if you love pork, this is a great breed for you. Contact Us for more availability and additional information.  Waverly Farms is Animal Welfare Approved for our kind and humane treatment of these lovely creatures. 

For Sale: 5 are weaned and ready for sale.  Another five healthy piglets were born on November 28, 2012 and will be for sale this summer.  They are $250 each.

Heritage Breed Guinea HogsFiesty pigletSmart piglet waits for feeding timeAmerican Guinea Hog with new giltsAmerican Guinea Hog sow with babies1 week oldPiglets born 11/28/2012Six adorable piglets born 11/28/2012American Guinea HogPork Meat CutsPork ChopsSeasoned Sausage and BratwurstPork sausage and bratwurstAmerican Guinea HogAmerican Guinea HogsWouldn't that be fun!