Bucks for Sale

We offer pure Spanish, registered Savanna, and Spanish/Savanna crosses for sale.  We select the best lineage for producing multiples, parasite resistance and feed efficiency.  Then we watch and record their individual birth weights, performance, FAMACHA scores and other indicators of a great buck.  We have produced some great ones.  Our latest produced 3 sets of quadruplets and 10 sets of twins - no singles!  Now, that's what we're looking for!

Pepe is the father of many of our goats."Johnny Stone" as a young bucklingsPepe with Stuart Rosenberg and Diane KullPepe, the sire of many of our GoatsWe keep a large herd of bucks so they and our customers are happy"Valentino""Valentino" a registered Savanna buck sired our Savanna/Spanish crosses.  He is sold and has gone onto another farm.Savanna/Spanish Cross Spanish/Savanna CrossSavanna/Spanish Cross buckling  offer the best of two breedsSpanish/Savanna cross"Smokey" (shown here as a young buckling)"Mars/Peanut" who lives at another farm is the Valera sire to many of our does"Johnny Stone""Johnny Stone" is our primo buck"Ice" is a favorite of our farm staff"Ice" is pure Valera Spanish"Valentino" is registered Savanna and the sire to our Spanish/Savanna crosses.  He is sold.A young Savanna buckling in 2012"Johnny Stone" primo sireSpanish/Savanna crossesExceptional Spanish/Savanna crossesSpanish/Savanna crossThe darker Valera Spanish buckling, Liam, is sold.Spanish/SavannaSpanish/Savanna crossesSpanish/Savanna crosses"Eenie's" buckling has the best genetics on the farm with "Bob Agnew" as his father"Bob Agnew" sired 3 sets of quadruplets and 10 sets of twins - no singles!"Smokey" is sweet natured and throws beautiful colorsHerding Spanish and Savanna bucksBob Agnew, primo Spanish buck