Dining Out Near Waverly Farms, LC

Dining Out Near Waverly Farms

Our “go to” place for lunch in Burkeville is Across The Trax, open Monday – Friday (not on weekends) from 11:00AM – 2:00PM. This friendly Burkeville gem overlooks the railroad tracks where trains can be seen passing by several times daily. The address is 107 1st St., Burkeville, VA 23922 and telephone is 434-767-5200.  

Two local restaurants offer dining in or take out for lunch or dinner:  

  • The oldest is Mimmo’s Italian Restaurant and Grill located at 519 2nd St., Burkeville, VA 23922, phone number is 434-767-2750.  Pizza, subs, steaks, chicken, shrimp, and pasta are their specialties. Wine and beer are available.
  • The Box Car 606 Southern Bistro located at16092 W. Colonial Trail Hwy. Crewe, VA 23930. (434) 645-7700 offers shrimp and grits, fried chicken, collards and other southern dishes, as well as your favorite steaks, chicken and salads. There is also a full bar and game area with pool tables.  

Additional dining, movies, bowling and other fun is available in the town of Farmville, located about 15 minutes west on Hwy. 460. In Farmville, check out Charley’s Waterside Café, The Fish and Pig, Uptown Coffee Café, and more.

CSA Share 5.4.17CSA Share 5.4.17Dining room and libraryView from dining roomHutchWell appointed kitchen Two diswashersLarge farm kitchenDen with HD TV; house has unlimited high speed wireless internetHallway staircaseKing Master BedKing Master BedMaster Bath overlooking the farmFine linens awaitUpstairs HallLeah's Room (my great grandmother's furniture)Leah's Room (great grandmother's furniture)Leah's Room - Queen BedHall BathroomOak Room - Queen BedOak Room - Queen BedOak Room - Queen BedHallway StaircaseDownstairs Twin DaybedBack PorchView of the old barnBaby Spanish GoatsBaby Spanish GoatsGuest HouseMaster BathroomAnimal Welfare Approved is our standard for the humane treatment of our livestockGathering eggsWelcome!Yay, You're Here!!Corn hole for some, place to explore for othersGreeting the goatsGathering EggsA mindful, peaceful walkMindfully interacting with goatsCSA CSAFirst Mindfulness Class 6.26.16Christine Ryan of Weight No MoreCSA 6.6.16Collard WrapsCollard WrapsCollard WrapsCollard WrapsBreakfast with MicrogreensDigging PotatoesGrowing MushroomsGrowing MushroomsWade and MarilynGrowing MushroomsMichael Shows a Valera Spanish GoatMichael welcomes Domina's twin girlsFeeding the Pigs Patrick and Connor GrinsellBeautiful FarmPJ and Connor GrinsellPatrick and Connor GrinsellBig TreeConnor and PriscillaGrinsell FamilyAmy and PatrickGreat ForestScaring Deer AwayMarissa, Richard and AmyIrish PotatoesSeason-extending high tunnelGathering eggs with EmmaBob Agnew, primo Spanish buckHerding Spanish and Savanna bucksBlack Angus steer calvesLaying disruptedWouldn't that be fun!Patti and Stuart 2014Austin feed free-ranged hensGoats-R-Us CheeseGoats-R-Us CheeseGoats-R-Us CheeseMorning PondGoats-R-Us CheeseFresh, raw, unfiltered honey from our bees goes into every jar of Burkeville Bees honey.Fresh, raw, unfiltered honey from our bees goes into every jar of Burkeville Bees honeyOkraAustin, Amanda and Zach pick up haySisters Sarah and Amanda rest on the ride to the storage shedCarol ignores horrible allergies to get hay up before the rain.  Her favorite saying: "If it needs doing IT IS YOUR JOB".  Thanks so much, Sis!Todd baling haySarah, Austin, Amanda and Zach pick up hayAmerican Guinea HogsVolunteer BearBuddyAmerican Guinea HogHoney in combRegular and Large CSA sharesPork sausage and bratwurstSpring Harvest 2013A personable buckling 2013Our dear Mocha with Diane RaimeyWe take our goats for walks in the woods where they get the best nutrition.CSA Box UnpackedCSA Box 2013Regular and Large CSATaylor and Mocha May 2013Stuart on Pond May 2013Sarah Lenning at Pond with Stuart May 2013Spring Swiss ChardSpring StrawberrySpring RhubarbSeasoned Sausage and BratwurstPork ChopsPork Meat CutsCherry Bell RadishClean and Pack ShedCleaning Chard and CollardsMay 2013 HarvestMay 2013 GreenhouseNew High Tunnel May 2013High Tunnel Fan InstallationHigh Tunnel Fan InstallationHight Tunnel Fan InstallationBig Head and TripletsGreen GoateeNursing SavannaSavanna with Twin BucklingsMature Spanish DoesEenie's Quads at 60 Days OldEenie's Quads at 60 daysSavanna Nurses Twin BucklingsNo You May NotMay I have some?CSA Box 2013Thanksgiving HarvestSpring Quiche made with eggs from soy-free organically fed pastured hensAmerican Guinea HogSpanish/Savanna Cross does 9 months oldSpanish and Savanna/Spanish Does for SaleSpanish and Savanna/Spanish Cross Does 9 months old.Power nutritionPerennial Fruit for planting and propogationValera Spanish Quadruplets at 2.5 weeks old on 3/4/2013Valera Spanish Quadruplets"Eenie" and her quads 3/4/2012"Eenie" and her quads 3/4/2013"Smokey" is sweet natured and throws beautiful colors"Bob Agnew" sired 3 sets of quadruplets and 10 sets of twins - no singles!Valera Spanish twinsValera Spanish twinsValera SpanishTwinsValera Spanish TwinsValera Spanish TwinsValera Spanish "Tyson" is wethered and has great markingsA magnificent Valera Spanish Quadruplet  Mocha guards new mothers while they are kidding, protecting them from predators.Valera Spanish QuadsValera Spanish twins"Eenie" and her Valera Spanish quadruplets"Eenie's" quads at breakfast"Eenie" and quads"Eenie's" buckling has the best genetics on the farm with "Bob Agnew" as his father"Mocha" welcomes the new bucklingSpanish/Savanna crossesSpanish/Savanna crossesSpanish/SavannaThe darker Valera Spanish buckling, Liam, is sold.Spanish/Savanna crossExceptional Spanish/Savanna crossesSpanish/Savanna crossesValeral Spanish QuadrupletsQuadruplets in the sunA beautiful quadruplet girl born Feb 16, 2013"Mocha" and a quadrupletValera Spanish QuadValera Spanish QuadValera Spanish and Spanish/Savanna cross doelings for sale"Mallow" feeds her doeling in 2012"Johnny Stone" primo sireA young Savanna buckling in 2012Valera Spanish doe peeks through briars for a picture.Patti leads a herd of young Spanish goats to a new pasture."Valentino" is registered Savanna and the sire to our Spanish/Savanna crosses.  He is sold.Sally is a Smoke Ridge Spanish Doe who delivered quadsSix adorable piglets born 11/28/2012Piglets born 11/28/20121 week oldBarbara cures garlicCSA BasketThanksgiving bountyChecking cabbageBees return homeBees build a combSetting up bee boxesNew hives being installedJonah sets up for a marketMarket dayJonah is ready for marketJonah and NickChecking cabbageNick shows off strawberriesCabbage"Ice" is pure Valera Spanish"Ice" is a favorite of our farm staff"Cinnamon""Eenie" as a young girl"Icecycle" and daughter smile for the camera"Bertha" our lead doe"Sally" plays on a devoted old tableThe girls gather at the oak tree"Johnny Stone" is our primo buck"Johnny Stone""Mocha" "Mars/Peanut" who lives at another farm is the Valera sire to many of our does"Smokey" (shown here as a young buckling)Spanish/Savanna crossSavanna/Spanish Cross buckling  offer the best of two breedsSpanish/Savanna CrossSavanna/Spanish Cross Registered Savanna doeRegistered Savanna doe"Valentino" a registered Savanna buck sired our Savanna/Spanish crosses.  He is sold and has gone onto another farm."Valentino""Buddy""Buddy""Buddy""Max" and Patti in snow"Max""Buddy""Buddy""Max" and Randie enjoy a ride"Spirit", Tommy Garland's former show horseAmerican Guinea Hog sow with babiesAmerican Guinea Hog with new giltsPastured Hens"Max""Max" and "Spirit""Buddy""Spirit""Spirit""Buddy""Spirit""Max"Houdiniokra flowerStaked tomatoesEarly girl tomatoesTomato plants in JulyHoudini in the chardHappy chick!Smart piglet waits for feeding timeHoudini and one of her chicksMallo and her kid MelanieTwins! Lyle & LiamEleanor snoozing in food panFiesty pigletBourbon Red TurkeyGarlicPreserved FreshChili PeppersNew potatoesWe keep a large herd of bucks so they and our customers are happyPotato BloomsLadybug on PeasAmanda and Cheyenne soothe a goatHeritage Breed Guinea HogsDigging potatoesAmanda dances in the Garden with EmmaFrisky and Flopsey, our baby bunnies 3/9/2011Farm Fresh Eggs!A small portion of a Spring garden.Pepe, the sire of many of our GoatsPepe with Stuart Rosenberg and Diane KullA double yoke - these are real eggs!A new barn prepared for a farm dinnerChairs at the pondCarol's Canned ConfectionsCarol's Canned Confections85 Farmers Learned about Pasture and Goats at Waverly FarmsVT Extension Office Experts show rotational grazing map to 85 farmers who visited Waverly FarmsGuests tour Waverly Farms to learn about rotational grazing, pasture management and goats.Amanda and Lucky bring guests to the farm dinnerFamily PortraitMocha showing off againCarol's Canned ConfectionsCarol's Canned ConfectionsMochaGoats with Mocha in pastureBob, the Black Angus SteerSouthern PastureOur new Horse, MaxAmanda, Lucky, Patti and SarahMeat Share OfferingCanned TomatoesHot PeppersPatti and StuartStuart and Patti with grandbabies Tristan and LiamCousin Andrew with LiamOur neighbors, Sarah and Amanda LenningGrandtwins Liam andTristan, future farmers (we hope) Liam and Tristan RandStuart, Patti and the new twin grandbabies: Liam and TristanStuart, Katherine and ElizabethCarol, Katherine, Stuart, Tristan, Patti, Liam, Andrew and ElizabethPatti with Lucky and EmmaSarah and Amanda LenningCarol, Katherine, Stuart, Tristan, Patti, Liam, Andrew and ElizabethPatti and sister Carol"Johnny Stone" as a young bucklingsThe Agnew housePepe is the father of many of our goats.Meenie and Eenie enjoy new pasture.Mynie and Moe synchronize their grazing.Meenie and Eenie when they first arrived in May, 2009A new doeling arrives July, 2010New doelings, July2010New doeling, July2010New doeling, July2010Emma tours pastures in Winter.Stuart and his brother, David, on the porch of The Lodge overlooking the pond.The Pond at Waverly FarmsA virgin field at The Inn at Waverly FarmsFenceline to a southern pasture.Bill's Meese TreeCarol's Strawberry CakeA family of geese in early spring.Lucky is the official host of Waverly FarmsStuart and visiting brother-in-law Don after a hot day of cutting.Doelings greet farm visitors.A cool spot for dinner.WildflowerEmma playing chase with a new goatEmma explains farm rules to the new herd.Patti welcomes new doelings to Waverly FarmsA southern pasture, uncut.Wildflowers, pasture and a grand oak.Uncut pasture.FencelineThe Lodge and pond.Lucie spreading goat and llama manure in new pasture.Lucie mucking stalls.  Nothing is wasted, especially healthy poop.Goat cleaning roadside weeds."Eenie"DominaEenieMynieMidnightEenieFrecklesDominaMeeniePatti with Cinnamon cleaning roadside weeds."Eenie"Stuart with new chicksMocha and friendsA Buff Laced Polish chickMothers and babiesAnnie, the former madam of Waverly FarmsKatherine, Mocha and StuartDomina and baby buckling, DominoDomina feeding newborn buckling, DominoMidnight's baby Zora, the first baby born at Waverly Farms.Driveway to the Lodge and PondSam and Stuart catching worms for an afternoon of fishing.Young Mocha, our overly affectionate Llama.Midnight's baby, ZoraA pregnant "Midnight""Cinnamon" and baby "Eenie"Young "Eenie""Meenie" and "Eenie""Midnight", pregnant with Zora"Cinnamon"The path to Mallory's Creek at Waverly Farms."Cinnamon""Cinnamon"Stuart, Emma and Lucky stroll down to Mallory's CreekLogo GoatDrive to to the old farm houseEastern pasture.Root Veggies and EggsCinnamon, Donny and Patti with baby ZoraStuart with a baby peach treeStuart and Emma at Mallory's CreekDonny plowing a gardenLucie checking on a zucchini with Lucky escorting her.Lucie gathering wild raspberries and blackberries.LogoThe Inn at Waverly Farms.A southern pasture.View of Southern pasture from The LodgeLucie in Garden