Visit the Farm

We welcome visitors who want to learn about sustainable farming, meet their farmers or just see where their food is grown. Call us at 214-914-0323 to schedule your visit!

Our rolling pastures, picturesque pond, farm houses, barns, yards, woods, creeks, trails, animals, vegetables and flowers provide a natural, relaxed outing.  But, don't stay too long, because with over 200 animals, a thriving garden, farm upkeep, and a host of other duties WE ARE BUSY!

Farm visits are FREE to our CSA Members. Everyone else is welcome for a small charge of $10 per person per hour (children under 16 are free when they are with an adult). A portion or all of this charge can be applied toward the purchase of farm products, if you need anything that we offer, such as vegetables, herbs, fruit, eggs, pork, goat meat, beef, honey or cheese.  But not all of those products are available every day.  

Appointments are required.  Contact Us to schedule a visit to Wavelry Farms.